Grand Theft Auto V game FAQ

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PC version of the game Grand Theft Auto V

In the spring of 2013 Grand Theft Auto V will be available exclusively for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Other gaming platforms indicated. PC as a gaming platform for GTA 5 is not designated as at January 2013. Download game GTA 5 through services digital sales of games is not possible. Information about when GTA V will be available on the PC will be additional in the news.

Downloading from the Internet allegedly game called Grand Theft Auto V for the PC, you run the risk of becoming victims of fraud.


Game disc GTA V is damaged or defective

There is a problem with the game. Failure of the product after purchase in the store.

Recommendation: in the process of buying the game in the store, except for purchases through online stores, look carefully at the apparent condition of the box with the game on the damage. It can be torn packaging, dents, signs of falling objects and rough handling. If you notice signs of external damage, it is better to choose another box, as a result of the visible signs of damage, could be broken or no DVD media game activation code and / or additional materials.
  When buying online, please check the integrity of the product upon receipt. If a problem arises in the use of no fault of your own, contact the support of the store where you purchased the game, for information on return of defective products and the return of the money or replace the product.


Special offers when buying GTA V

Buy the game Grand Theft Auto V may be at special conditions, participating in the ongoing campaign.

Q: Do you have special offers shops when buying the game GTA 5?

Answer: Most retailers holds its shares by purchasing Grand Theft Auto V. Among these special conditions are: discount when buying the game, a poster, t-shirt, exclusive bonus content.
Clarify the availability of shares can be directly in the store.


Availability of Grand Theft Auto V in stores

Entered into a sale GTA 5? When will the admission? Consider these questions.

In order to check whether the game Grand Theft Auto V in a store, you should contact your dealer, advisor or study information and announcements in the store. In large networks of information on receipt of goods can be specified by calling the hotline.


What age rating is Grand Theft Auto V

Q: I want to purchase the game Grand Theft Auto V and want to find out before you buy, what age limit is GTA 5, can I buy this game the child?

Answer: Grand Theft Auto V has 18 + rating, which means that the game is not intended for children. The game contains scenes, the content of which is forbidden to show the children in the Russian Federation. The marking (marking information) is available on the box with the game.


GTA 5 beta download

Free Download Games GTA 5

Q: I saw that some sites are offering free download GTA 5, laying out the beta version of Grand Theft Auto V. Is it true I can download free GTA 5 and start playing?

A: The information is placed crooks. Do not go to those resources and do not download suspicious files. You can shove. under the pretext of client download GTA 5, virus-infected files, in order to steal your information. In another case, allegedly for downloading games, you may be asked to send an SMS message. Do not fall for tricks fraudsters. Learn information about release GTA V you can in the news.


What platforms will GTA 5

Platform Games Grand Theft Auto 5

Q: What platforms will GTA 5?

Answer: Grand Theft Auto V will be released on the following platforms: Xbox 360, PS3, PC


System requirements GTA 5

System requirements for the game Grand Theft Auto 5

Q: What are the system requirements for the game GTA 5?

Answer: Information on system requirements Grand Theft Auto V will be available later. Check out our RSS feed.


GTA 5 activation code

Activation code game GTA 5

Q: Where can I find the code to activate the game Grand Theft Auto 5?

A: Activation code for Grand Theft Auto V can be found under the disc, if you purchased a boxed version of the game. When purchasing a digital version of the game. activation code sent to you upon confirmation of purchase.


Where to download GTA 5?

Where to download the game GTA 5.

Q: Where can I download the game GTA 5, can I do it for free?

A: The game Grand Theft Auto 5 is distributed on discs in boxed editions and downloads via Steam. Any licensed copy of the game GTA 5 is worth the money. Respect the work of developers and do not try to use a pirated version of the product.