Information about the game GTA Online

Let’s start right away with the good news — Access to the GTA Online may be totally free to get all the owners of licensed copies of the game Grand Theft Auto V.

What is GTA Online?

Grand Theft Auto Online — a dynamic open world with a capacity of 16 players (30 in the version for PS4, Xbox One and PC). This world has its origins in geography and gameplay mechanics of Grand Theft Auto V, but it is constantly changing and expanding thanks to the emergence of more and more materials authored by both Rockstar Games, as well as the players themselves. In Grand Theft Auto Online presents all the distinctive features of the famous game series: complete freedom of action, a variety of activities and exciting job … And all this is available at the same time a plurality of players around the world!

Players can explore the world of Grand Theft Auto Online alone and with friends, work together, united in gangs, to perform the tasks collectively, to compete in the traditional game modes with all the gaming community, and it looks and works — just like in Grand Theft Auto V.

Players will be able to create a character with a unique appearance and skills, collect park tuned cars, buy real estate, participate in quests, affairs and employment, to earn reputation and money to move in criminal circles and getting more and more new features. Grand Theft Auto Online will constantly change and expand, creating a dynamic world first in a series of Grand Theft Auto.

Official information from the company’s developer Rockstar Games.

Супер новости! ГТА 5 онлайн работает в России и других странах. Теперь для компьютера можно купить Premium GTA Online и получить массу преимуществ от Rockstar Games в онлайн режиме GTA 5 и полное издание Grand Theft Auto V со всеми обновлениями и дополнениями.
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