Bad behavior in the GTA Online

Players who go out of jobs, and bad faith relate to the fulfillment of its work in the GTA Online, can get the status of an unreliable player.

Unreliable players are automatically separated from the honest and can not join them for assignments and participate in online activities. The only ones who will be able to play with bad players — it’s the same dolt, like themselves.

After destroying the car of another player, you will receive a warning that you should change its behavior, measures will be taken otherwise. After warning you to change the status to «suspicious player.»

If you still do not listen to warnings in Rockstar Games GTA Online, then be prepared for the fact that you are rewarded «cap fool» (dunce). Be aware that a white cap More nobody was decorated in the game, the principle:. «Fool seen from afar»

The basic production method is unreliable performance of player status, basically, one of two points:

Destruction of private cars of other players. Often, this can be done randomly, so be careful, throwing grenades at enemies by shooting from the grenade launcher, a tank or making rocket fire from the helicopter. While GTA enough players, spreading their cars everywhere, that may be a kind of moral justification.
Out with the mission at the stage of its implementation. If you are a lover to leave the game when your team begins to lose, then get ready to get stupid hat. I do not want to pass a long and complex mission to the end? We’ll have to, if you want to be a decent player.

Forgiveness from other players.

If you have broken the first time and correct your attitude towards people, think about their behavior and do not worry very much — bad status will disappear in two days.

Remember that good behavior in the Grand Theft Auto Online is rewarded financially.

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